Hello! I'm Cole.

It's nice to meet you.

Hey there! My name is Cole Kettler. My pronouns are he / him / his. A picture of me sitting at a table next to some flowers.

I work as a software engineer in Philadelphia, PA. I primarily work as a DevOps engineer. I also have experience as a web developer, mostly with JavaScript frameworks and web services. I like to help make people's days better. 💖

I'm a fermentation enthusiast and regularly make my own beer, kombucha, and pickles. I'm a lover of food and an avid cook, and I particularly enjoy Sichuan, Punjabi, Thai, French, and Southern Italian food. There isn't much food out there that I don't enjoy. 🍲

I enjoy board games and tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. I'm always happy to sit down for a game with friendly folks. 🎲

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to reach out on one of the platforms below. I'm usually @colekettler everywhere else. 🐉

Work & Programming

I'm currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Penn Libraries. I spend most of my time on DevOps practices and culture, containers, orchestration tools, monitoring and alerting stacks, and distributed systems.

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  3. Stack Overflow

Social & Writing

I mostly use social media as a means of keeping in touch with the world, but I do write from time to time. Work Cole and Not-Work Cole are the same human.

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These causes are very important to me. If you would consider supporting some of them as well, it would mean the world. 💖

  1. Appolition
  2. Black Lives Matter